About Us
Genel Müdür

 Otkon Mühendislik, has been founded in 2005, in Perpa which owns the biggest mono-block body of 669,000 meter square building, utilizing the partners’ work experience in automation field over thirty year , bearing in mind the commercial ethics and business concept.


 Supplying our products and automation technology goods in the most reliable ways to primarily Istanbul an all regions of Turkey; Keep company with the technological improvements in the automation sector; keeping the technological leadership in our segment with our trustworthiness, work quality and absolute customer satisfaction by delivering the orders on time,


Keep track with the continuous technologic changes and renovations together with the dense completion and fast changes of our era; learning the know-how about technologies and products and convey them to our customers; produce individual or sectoral solutions to be implemented in automation sector.

Being the Otkon Mühendislik, we are supplying technical support in applications, technical training, designing projects and turn key projects as well as supplying goods.

The firms that we represent in Turkey:

- MTS Sensors                    (USA-Germany)
- Orientalmotor                   (Japan)
- SBC Saia-Burgess Controls    (Switzerland)
- BaumerIVO                     (Germany)
- Haydon KERK                ( USA )
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